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Biharis in Bangladesh seek protection, justice

Irin News, 21 July 2014 - The recent violent attack on Urdu-speaking Biharis in the Bangladeshi capital highlights this minority’s ongoing protection needs: Community leaders allege political collusion in the attack.

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CAMBODIA: The wave of young people can change the country’s future

Asian Human Rights Commission, 20 July 2014 - Since July 28, 2013 general election, politics in Cambodia has become a sensitive topic discussed by Cambodians whether in a group of two, ten, or twenty. This is a new trend. People now feel very concerned about Cambodia’s future as they watch the destruction of rain forests, the land grabbing, human rights violations, among other things. Mrs. Mu Sochua said recently to look at how things are changing – workers are seeking high wage, grassroots and youth movements for change are emerging, people are using social media, monks are building network to preserve Buddhist values.

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Making agriculture ‘cool’ for youth

Agriculture’s image among young people is changing. From Brooklyn, New York to Nairobi, Kenya youth are now turning to farming and the food system as a viable career path. (Photo Bernard Pollack)

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Y20 Australia 2014 Delegates’ Declaration

The delegates of the 2014 G20 Youth Summit convened in Sydney on 12-15 July 2014 to discuss growth and job creation, global citizenship and mobility, and sustainable development. G20 leaders aims to improve economic incentives to promote youth employment and investment; promote balanced economic growth by enhancing rural areas’ development with a youth-centric approach; enhance coordination of the public and private sectors to promote economic opportunities and access to capital for SMEs and youth entrepreneurs; and, ensure an inclusive and fair labour market based on upheld social standards as well as a stronger participation of women in the workforce.

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Pacific Economic Monitor

The Pacific Economic Monitor provides an update of developments in Pacific economies and explores topical policy issues. It highlights that unemployment is an issue that confronts every country in the region and that he region's working age population is likely to increase by more than three million by 2030.

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Labour market transitions of young women and men in Bangladesh

The 2013 school-to-work transition survey in Bangladesh was implemented by the Industry and Labour Wing of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Ministry of Planning, Government of Bangladesh, with funding from the ILO “Work4Youth” partnership with the MasterCard Foundation. This report is intended for the policy-makers and social partners that concern themselves with the implementation of youth-related policies and programmes. The indicators generated from the survey and analysed in this report aim to present a much more detailed picture of youth in the labour market than what can usually be derived through standard surveys, including the labour force survey. The report also draws attention to the path and duration that young people’s transition from school to work takes and draws conclusions on characteristics or experiences that make for a smoother transition

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