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Business World online, 02 March 2015 - DECEMBER this year will be a crucial month as members of the of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will officially consider themselves as one economic bloc -- by then, without tariff lines amid the free flow investments and skilled labor. But December 2015 is just a beginning, as the route to a full-blown integration is an intricate slow-moving process with economists, businessmen, and political leaders paving and leading the way.

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Tackling Youth Unemployment: Startup InternsME Wants To Help Your Company Find The Right Fit

The West Australian, 26 February 2015 -The reality for the youth workforce is dire. According to the International Labour Organization, the Middle East has the highest youth unemployment rate globally, with it being 29.1% in 2013. Students and graduates get stuck in a conundrum: besides trying to attain wasta or connections, they can’t find a job without experience and they can’t get experience without a job. There’s no quick fix to youth unemployment and career portal InternsME aims to assist in filling the gap between education and workplace in UAE through internships and trainee placements with an online platform– a cost effective solution for companies to grow their teams.

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Here's how we fix the youth unemployment problem

CNBC 05 February 2015 - Millions of young Americans, many with college degrees, are unemployed, and that does not include those who are underemployed or have given up trying to find work. Yet millions of jobs remain unfilled, and American companies complain they have trouble finding people with the practical, technical, job-ready skills they need.

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Microfinance for Decent Work

ILO February 2015 -Entrepreneurs in the informal economy, and the employees that work in those businesses, are often exposed to difficult and dangerous working conditions. The tools used to identify, prevent and rectify such conditions in the formal economy – including social dialogue between employers and employees, labour inspection and other applications of labour law – generally do not apply to the unregistered enterprises that proliferate in many emerging economies. Consequently, alternative approaches are required. But how can one reach these enterprises and influence their conditions?

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YOUTH & CONSEQUENCES Unemployment, Injustice and Violence

Mercy Corps - Every year, Western donors deploy vast sums of development assistance to dampen the appeal, among the world’s youth, of militias, pirates and terrorists. But guided by little in the way of empirical evidence, it is an enterprise plagued by unclear payoffs and unintended consequences.

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Lao Development Report 2014

World Bank - Recent media reports of a perceived “skills problem” in Lao PDR have spurred an intense focus on skills development initiatives. Alarming media coverage of rising wages and complaints among firms of a shortage of skilled workers has raised concerns over whether Lao workers are equipped with the skills sought by firms. The Government and other partners have responded by channeling more resources to skills development, for example with investments in vocational training facilities to train more workers. This report argues that the workforce problems which Lao PDR faces do not only stem from problems in the education sector. Looking only to skills development as a solution would not address the fundamental problems constraining economic growth, employment creation, and poverty reduction. Creating an environment conducive for farm and non-farm businesses to make investments and grow remains an essential first step for skills development. As World Bank (2004) states, Training does not create jobs. Skills are a derived demand and that demand depends on policies for growth and employment creation.

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